An Interview With Zoe The Fabulous Feline

Q: Hi Zoe, how are you today?
Hello, Aoibha. I’m pretty excited, actually. My human’s been away and she just got home. I’ve missed giving her little love bites! The male human we live with is ok, but his skin does not taste as good as Emily’s. And he’s not as soft, either.
Q: Where did you get your fabulous name?
I first met my human when she came to the animal shelter with her daughter, who had gone there to adopt a cat she’d seen online. My human was just going along for the ride, but her daughter was pretty wise; she brought along two cat carriers…to pick up one cat. I spied Emily looking at me and gave her a fabulous grin. I was tweaking and rolling around and being very playful as well as vocal. She turned her back to me to talk to her daughter for a minute–that was as long as she could stay away from my fabulousness, but just to be sure, I tapped her on the shoulder. It was all over then. For her, that is. On the ride home, Emily and her daughter talked about how full of life I was, even in that small cage. Hence, they came up with Zoe, which is Greek for “life.” I came up with the “Fabulous” part.
Q: How long have you lived with Emily for?
That fateful day at the shelter took place just about eight years ago. When I got to my new home, I continued to bounce off the walls, literally; in fact, once I jumped up on the computer desk hutch and then jumped down again, using Emily’s head as a trampoline. Just to ensure she knew who was boss. They had indeed picked the right name for me! I also continued my antics of rolling around and growling. Emily finally realized that this was not just being playful. I was in heat, in my time, if you know what I mean. That prompted a fast visit to the vet. Things in that department have not been quite the same since. :::SIGH:::
Q: WHat’s your favourite food?
I’m not too picky–like SOME four-leggeds I know (who shall go nameless, but let’s just say he used to sell his soul for hot dogs, but now he’s all about turkey slices and only turkey slices…like I said, picky–picky!). However, there are some things I will not eat. I refuse to eat any human food. And I love crunchy cat treats…many and often!
Q: Do you go on lots of adventures?
Not as many as I would like. My human has successfully kept me as an indoor cat. And there are only so many adventures one can have in a house with two tired, old humans. So my stories usually come from a small bit of truth about something I hear (or witness) around here and then the rest I…let’s say…embellish. Of course, all of my tales about outdoor adventures are fantasies, but shhh…it’s our secret, ok?
Q: What was the funniest thing that had ever happened to you?
I don’t know if this is “to” me but it certainly was funny FOR me! My human would prefer I not sleep on her bed. She used to let me, but something about the hair making her feel “stuffy,” whatever that means. I don’t get it. I mean, she still lets me snuggle with her when she’s anywhere else, but not on the bed. So now she keeps the door to the bedroom closed at all times. The funniest thing (well, it was fun for me) was when one day she opened the door and didn’t expect me to be sitting there. Of course I bolted into the forbidden room! It was such fun….first she tried to coax me out, trying to sneak up on me to pick me up, but I was too fast for her. I jumped up on the tall dresser, and then jumped down on the bed, and when she tried to get me off, I jumped down and ran under the bed. In the end, though, she won by default. After a run-in with the Dust Bunnies living there, I wanted nothing more than to be out of there. But I controlled myself, and walked out on my terms, with my head and tail high, my dignity intact. I did get a treat, though, and she called me a “good girl”….hmmm, now that was interesting!
Q: Do you like lizards?
I like Spikey!  I kinda wish his name was “Spike” so I could’ve been cute and said, “I like Spike!”
Q: Has Emily done anymore amazing paintings?
I think she has done more paintings. Whether they are amazing is for others to decide. Me? I just love to watch her get all messy and frustrated! When she makes a mistake (often), she mutters something that sounds like “truck”….sometimes she mutters it loudly.
Q: How old are you?
I am ageless. I have nine lives, so age is irrelevant. (Sorry, Aoibha. Emily tells me that is quite a rude answer. OK, in this life, I guess I’m about 8 years old. Emily is nodding yes.)
Q: What time do you usually get up at?
No set time. I just go with the fabulous flow. Sometimes I sleep at night. Other times I sleep all day and then prowl around at night, opening the kitchen cabinet doors so that when my human gets up in the morning, she blames the male human. I can’t help it; they keep me indoors so I have to do something for fun! What time does Scourge get up?
Q: Did you like these questions?
Meooooowie! Yes, they were fun! And YOU are my first interview.
Q: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us today, you really are fabulous!
Thank you, Aoibha, for inviting me over. (I’ll let you in one one other thing, another secret: My human’s a good egg and I really do love her! I show her now and then, too, but I have to poke her a lot too. Because, as a feline, I have to maintain the upper paw, you know what I mean?)
Zoe, as from her title is a fabulous feline who lives with her owner Emily Gmitter. Zoe writes a blog about herself and Emily and all the mischief she gets up to. She’d love if you could check it out. Thanks for reading! Bye for now!