FAQ (frequently asked questions)

I’ve been asked a lot of weird and sensible questions in my years of living. Some, I even wondered about myself. Here are some of the questions I’ve been asked that I think should deserve an answer.

1: When did you start writing?     I began writing when I was four. I really loved it. My first little half-page story was about a princess and a horse. Of course, I still write today which leads me on to the new FAQ.

2: How long did it take you to write Pegasus Rewritten?     Pegasus Rewritten is a book that began to write when I was ten years old. It took me four days to write the 10,000 word short story and I showed my parents on the fifth day.

3: Do you have any medical conditions?     Yeah I do, and I always get asked this. I don’t mind at all though. I have type one diabetes.

4: What is type one diabetes?     Type one diabetes is an auto-immune disease of which the pancreas stops working and attacks all of the cells in the body. Because of this, the body does not produce insulin anymore which causes us type one diabetics to take it through injection before we eat. It can hurt sometimes but you get used to it. I have an insulin pump which is like a little phone attached to my body. I tell it what I’m eating and it does the work for me! It’s a lot easier than injections but some diabetics don’t like it. Everyone’s unique!

5: How old are you?     I’m eleven years young.

6: How tall are you?     I’m 5 foot.

7: Do you enjoy school? To be honest, I love the school I’m in so much. It’s so great and they have amazing ways of teaching. I always look forward to school.

8: What are your favourite sports?     My favourite sports are, boxing, camogie, and horseback riding.

9: What’s your favourite food?     Ice cream!!!

10: What’s your favourite song?     Tír na nóg by the celtic women!

Those were the most important things I could think of. If you want to ask me anything, comment them down below and I will edit them into this blog! Bye for now!

~Aoibha xx

A Walk On The Beach


Hello everyone! It’s Bailey. You should all know who I am right now but I’ll say it again just to be sure. I’m Aoibha’s sweet little Cava Tzu puppy. I get up to all sorts of mischief. I’m going to tell you about the day Aoibha bought me to the strand. She regretted it long afterwards. I think she still does to this day because she hasn’t bought me there since. You’ll see why later. Now, get comfy, lie down on your doggy bed or sit on a chair like my human does and I’ll tell you what happened when Aoibha and I went to the strand.


It was half past ten and, Aoibha woke up. It was Saturday morning. My favourite. I sat up at the bottom of her bed wagging my tail wildly. I gave a little yawn to make her think I was a cutie and fuss over me. Big mistake. “Hello, my little ray of sunshine!” She said. She gave me a big squishy hug and patted my back. I rolled my eyes. I leaped off the bed and went outside the bedroom door while she got changed.


When she was ready, walked downstairs with me and made breakfast. I began to wonder madly what she was going to cook for me. Was it going to be normal dog food? If I could, I’d gladly let her know, it doesn’t taste the most appealing. But it wasn’t. She was putting on toast! Toast! I love toast! I began to slobber a bit and Aoibha’s face went red with laughter as she seen me. I have a slight addiction to toast.


The toaster beeped loudly when it was finished. Our toaster is funny. The toast comes flying out of it so Aoibha taught me a little game of which she calls, ‘catch the flying toast’. It’s quite funny. We both stood at the ready. Aoibha slightly giggling. I stood up on my hind legs with my mouth open. Three…two…one… I jumped high into the air to catch the toast soaring through the air. Aoibha caught one and buttered it straight away. I caught one also but there was another one that landed beside me. I’m not going to complain about that. The more the merrier. We both ate our toast quickly. Aoibha looked at her daily planner notebook. “Alright then, who’s up for a nice long walk today?” She asked. Because I was the only one in the kitchen, I began to wonder was she asking a ghost or was she pretending I was gone mad. I barked in agreement anyway. “That’s my boy,” she praised. She opened one of the drawers and got my leash. She clipped it on to my collar while deciding where to go. “Want to go to the strand today boy?” She asked. Aoibha always referred to the beach as the strand. Well, maybe it was a strand but considering it was the only ‘beach’ I’ve been to, I don’t necessarily know any different. Tired of waiting for an answer, she smiled and said, “Come on then,” and off we went!


The sun was beautifully shining down on us. Its rays strong with heat. The concrete was quite hot and it looked like there were puddles in a far of distance. Aoibha referred to this as an, illusion. My owner likes to google a lot of things. I don’t know why she searches have the stuff she does anyway. One time she was putting a lot of symbols in a search bar and then copying them down in her copy for her schoolwork. She told me she was asking google for answers for her math homework.


We neared the strand around forty minutes later. It’s a long walk and my little legs do get tired after a while but it was well worth it. We sat down on a rock for a few minutes. She told me to go play around in the water while she wrote today’s entry in her diary but I’m not too keen on water. As I sat down on a rock beside her, a big black dog came over to us. Aoibha gulped. She didn’t like me being around other dogs because she gets very nervous. Of course, I wanted to go play with it so I desperately pulled on the leash to turn back to the mysterious little fella. She turned around to see if the dog was accompanied by any owners. None were there. Then she seen that there was a pink collar around the dogs neck. Aoibha liked girl dogs and smiled and went over to it. Humans. She looked at its collar. The dog’s name was, Sasha. Aoibha gave Sasha a rub on the tummy which she thoroughly enjoyed. She left me off the leash to play with her for a while but that she was keeping an eye on me. What is it with her and me being around girl dogs?! While me and Sasha were playing ‘hide and go seek’ she was frantically writing in her two-year-old diary that never seems to run out of pages.


After a while, Aoibha called me. I said goodbye to Sasha and she marched back him. She was quite a cute and funny dog. We walked along the beach. Right to the end. I found a frisbee underneath some of the stones and begged Aoibha to throw it. She eventually gave in. The frisbee went far across the beach. I hurriedly chased after it, stretching my little legs as far as I could with every stride. Aoibha said I was quite cute when I did that. She referred to me as looking like a ‘running ball of fluff’. I didn’t like that one bit.


Half an hour had passed without us knowing and Aoibha and I walked back along the beach where we faced a big problem. The tide was in. The tide was very high. Aoibha mumbled something under her breath which she promised me never to repeat again. I sniggered. Then, a treacle of water touched my paw and I barked and backed away from it. I did not like it one bit at all. “Oh come on Bailey. If you don’t make an effort to paddle across this, we’re going to be marooned here for about eight hours. That is not going to happen!” I looked at her with wide eyes trying to get my message across. Lift me across! As if she could read my mind she replied, “ Whatever you are thinking mister, I am under no circumstances carrying you. Unless you want me to break my back in the process. You weigh a tonne!” I then said goodbye to that idea. There was only one solution and that was to paddle in my humans waist-deep water. Aoibha liked swimming and showed me how to doggy paddle. She attached my lead again. “Just in case of an emergency,” she said. I rolled my eyes. “Though you’re on a leash Bailey, don’t stray too far just in case of a riptide or a current!” That really boosted my confidence. After Aoibha’s psychotic looking doggy paddle demonstration, I stepped into the water, one paw at a time. Aoibha smiled and stepped in after me. The water was freezing! My leash was wrapped around her hand while she swam. I followed behind her, trying with all my might to keep my head out of the water when I noticed Aoibha’s head wasn’t in front of me anymore. It was underwater! The whole lot of her was! She was swimming like a dolphin. A mermaid even! Her golden locks of hair flowing behind her. I was dead proud of my owner.


Soon we reached the other side of the beach. I trotted on to the stones and blessed the dry ground I walked on. I shook off all the water. Aoibha wrung the water out of her hair while trying to make herself look someway decent.


As we walked home, some onlookers stared wondering why we were so wet. “Well, Bailey. I regret getting really wet and all and destroying my new outfit but overall, today was really fun, wasn’t it boy?” I agreed. It was. I learned how to swim and how my owner was possibly half dolphin, half mermaid. I cannot wait to see what we get up to next!





My Anti-Bucket List

For today’s post, I was going to talk about my bucket list but decided to do something other than that and post things I would not like to do before I die (which should be in another 200 years if I’m lucky -wink wink-) So without further a-do, lets get straight into it.

1: Get bitten by a mosquito.    This has always been one of my biggest fears. If I go abroad on holidays, the first thing I would delightfully do would be to purchase a mosquito band. You know the ones, they stink but they keep mosquitoes away from you. I’d have about two of them on at a time. You can never be too sure with those pesky bugs.

2: Get stuck in an elevator.      I’ve done this once in a shopping mall. I wanted to see what happened when I jumped in a lift and unfortunately I learned the hard way. Of course, it stopped. It stopped for no more than five seconds but I was already in a panic. I would have loved to see my face when it started moving again. It was so much relief. I decided not to tell anyone until now.

3: Burn myself with a curling iron.     If I ever want to curl my hair, I still as my mum to do it as I have a really bad fear of burning myself. I don’t recall ever doing this to myself but I may have down the line a bit. I’m still not sure though.

4: Get pulled out to sea in a current.    I’m weird. Really weird. I have the weirdest fears ever. Anyway, this relates to being in a wave pool on a holiday abroad in Bulgaria. I was happily in a doughnut ring (I don’t know the proper name, it’s that inflatable thingy) and the lifeguard blew the whistle as the waves were pulling me to the danger end of the pool with a depth of two metres. Bearing in mind, I was only about 120 centimetres back then. For some reason or other, I jumped out of the ring thing and began to panic as the waves towered over me. There was about three woman in the pool trying to get to me along with my parents. Funny thing was, when it was over, I laughed my head off. Told you I was weird. Since then, I’ve been afraid of that happening in the infinite ocean. Without a ring thing.

5: Experience an alien apocalypse.       I’m not sure many people have this fear but I do. Well, its not a bad fear and I think its unlikely to happen as I’m under the illusion that aliens are trying to reach out to us and talk to us instead of running around earth causing chaos. I’m not particularly sure about this one. It’s up to your beliefs of paranormal life I suppose.

6: Go hunting.     No. Just no. I will never understand the need to kill an animal for sport. I often express this to my family and we could end up having an hours discussion over it. The discussions would be about me being against hunting, yet I’m not a vegetarian. We would have some laughs over this conversation as It can be funny sometimes. They would say that because I eat meat, it’s literally no different than killing an animal. I see what they mean but what I’m trying to say is, I would never be able to watch an animal die or shoot it. This leads on to the next thing I would not like to witness/do before I die.

7: Experience wolves going extinct.     Wolves are my favourite animal along with horses. Some wolf breeds are on the extreme of going extinct and I can’t help be worried for the poor things sometimes. I wouldn’t like any animal to go extinct in that case.

It’s not 100 things but with the length of the paragraphs, I think it’s long enough 🙂 What are your anti-bucket lists? I’ve been wanting to share these for a while now and I will soon have a proper “bucket list” up soon. Bye for now!

~Aoibha xx



Bailey and Me!

Tis’ me, Bailey!for those who haven’t heard of me before, I’m Aoibha’s sweet little cavatzue puppy. I drive her insane sometimes! But, she doesn’t know, I sometimes do it to crack her up sometimes, dogs do get a bit of humour out of it you know. I’m going to tell you about what I did one time.
I woke up at half past six as per usual and barked very loud indeed for my owner to come downstairs. She still tells me my bark sounds like a fire alarm gone out of battery. I kind of have to agree. Anyway, she let me outside to do my business. I took a nice walk around the garden to find a nice spot. After I finished, I went up to the door and excitedly barked to go back in.
Aoibha was in her uniform, ready to go to school. She was wearing her jumper and her skirt and her hair was neatly done in a ponytail. I attempted to jump up on her, forgetting about my dirty paws from being outside. There were two big paw prints on her skirt and a bit of muck on her tights. Instead of giving out to me, she rolled her eyes at me and marched back upstairs. She was muttering something under her breath the whole way up. You do get used to it after a while.
Fifteen minutes later, Aoibha came down again, wearing another nice skirt and the same tights. She must have only been able to wet the mud off of the tights.
I lay down on all fours and gave a little whine. She instantly let out an “aww” sound at me and gave me a cuddle. She told me that she wasn’t really angry at me but that I was not to do it again when my paws were all dirty. I licked her cheek and gave her a little cuddle.
There was a knock on the door. Aoibha answered it to see her friends waiting for her to walk to school with them. She threw on her green jacket and gave me a kiss on the head. I waited for six hours for her to come home. I love when she comes back. We’re best friends after all!

Bailey the rascal!

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a bit about my dog, Bailey. Bailey is a one year old Cava-Tzu dog. He lives indoors with all of us. I’m in the middle of writing a book about Bailey and his adventures with a girl dog-friend. He’s been sneaking out lately and I’m trying to find out why. Anyway, Bailey loves his walks and his runs. We usually walk by the waters edge which is frequent enough actually. If we’re not there, we’re usually at the local strand. He’d be running around off-leash like a lunatic while I’d be sitting down on a stone jotting down ideas in my notepad for future books. We’re both very different when it comes to walks.

Bailey has been with us for only six months but he plays a big part in my life. He’s an amazing runner and jumper and I cannot wait to share our ideas and stories with you guys! Neither can Bailey as long as I up his allowance of food that is. See you again soon!

~Aoibha and Bailey xx