Here, There & Everywhere :D

Constantly writing, really wanting to travel, starting a vlog and trying to keep my blog active isn’t really going as well as I thought it would lately but that’s alright. We’ll get through this! I’ve been doing nothing but watching Netflix, Dancing and tennis for the last two weeks but anyways, it’s better than nothing. I’ve been picking up a few challenges to set for myself here and there and its going really well. The other night I successfully finished the twenty-four hour reading challenge of which you set a goal to try read as many books as you can in that amount of time. I finished four books with three to five-hundred pages each. And no, I did not stay up all night reading. :D.

I’ve also been following Conor Mc.Gregor’s training etc. for his upcoming fight in August against Floyd Mayweather jr. I hope Conor wins.

Other than that, I’ve not been up to much lately. I went to Killarney for a weekend with my family. It was really good and the weather was outstanding!

Spike, my lizard is now on my shoulder looking at his reflection in the mirror before us. I’m seriously beginning to think he’s checking himself out. I’ll leave him off, he’s only young (just saying that to keep him happy, shh :))

But yeah, have a great week everyone! I’ll see you soon :). Bye for now!

~AoibhaWalsh2017 x



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Aoibha Walsh

I'm a girl with a passion for reading and writing and going on all sorts of treks and adventures.

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