Departures And Arrivals

We’re in Edmonton airport now. Our last few hours of Canada have arrived and even though I’ve barely left, I miss it already. I’ve set a new goal to get writing more after I wrote a big story based on Lake Louise here and I’ll post it shortly. I promise. 

Yesterday was amazing. We did some many fun and amazing things for our last proper day. We went to West edmonton mall for the last time. I got an amazing baby pink leather jacket in forever 21. I also got a really cool oilers t-shirt. The oilers are the edmonton ice hockey team. They’re the best! Funny enough, I didn’t even know what ice hockey was before I came here! 

Me and my mum met up with an amazingly good friend of ours, Renee. She’s so amazing, kind and nice. We went to galaxyland with her. An amusement park in the mall. I have a video of the two of us on the rollercoaster but I kind of screamed and shouted the whole way down and around so it may burst your eardrums. If I can block out the other noise and put music on it; I’ll be sure to upload it. It’s hilarious! 

I then got stuck on a ride and got stuck upside down for a while. It was so funny. I’ve never been to galaxyland before that but it was awesome. I hope we get to go back there sometime.

When we got home, we all sat down and talked for a while. Here’s a picture we took! We took loads more but because of the airport wifi, they’re being stubborn to upload. I’ll put them all up later for you guys!

I miss this place already and have also made so much memories here. I hope we can one day come back here. Love all of you guys! Bye for now!



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I'm a girl with a passion for reading and writing and going on all sorts of treks and adventures.

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