I don’t really have much time to write today as we’ve been really really busy but I’ll post some pictures that I’ve took here so far! Please let me know what you think! 

The aquatic area in west edmonton mall
My amazing family. We were all squinting our eyes as it was 30° Celsius!

The seal show in the mall

The cat got sick of us so she emigrated into a cardboard box

Poppy watching fish on television 

I really hope you liked the pictures and videos for today! We’re going somewhere tomorrow and it’ll be a great opportunity to get amazing photos. I won’t tell where we are going because it might ruin the surprise! Thanks for reading this article! Bye for now!



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Aoibha Walsh

I'm a girl with a passion for reading and writing and going on all sorts of treks and adventures.

14 thoughts on “Photographs”

  1. Got the Viber ones late last night Looking at them now again before fishing . . . You’re living da life as Steve would say. ha ha It’s all there ahjead of ya kiddo just believe in yourself and a bit of hard work on the writing plateau that you created for yourself. . . enjoy what your doing and it becomes part of you and those around you will enjoy what you do as well xxx Have fun Hi! to Ad Jess and Renee . . . Love Dad


  2. Have to do that tak on Sef-pubishing tomoow night fo the eades Wites festiva so I had to tun down ebecca O Conno’s Tina Tune gig in the Opea House . . . Fee tickets and a and Pat Kinevanes one man pay Sient in Coaiste Muie . . . It a happens at once o Was gonna pass the buck to you to do the chat on sef pubishing whie I watched sitting in the cowd having a cod bee and feeing poud o now I’ be a finges and thumbs taking thee mysef anyways I’m gonna ead out you piece on Midde chid Cyndum and you poem The Cod Cusp wa so I’ enjoy that and I’ et you know how it went . . . xxx


    1. Aw thanks dad! Anyone going with you? If there is, ask em to get a video and send it to me later that night or something. We’re seven hours behind here so I’d be awake ☺


      1. Lindys going but we have a funeral this avo first Ollie Ireland passed away Charlies younger brother . . . I’ll get Linds to record it so I have it for you xxx have a great day Love to Ad Jess xxx

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  3. These are terrific, Aoibha! The photo of your family is beautiful. There’s no doubt you’re related. And the videos are primo. I love Poppy watching TV. Seems she caught on pretty quickly that it wasn’t real 🙂 ❤

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