It’s my first time writing on my blog from my phone and I have to say, I’ve only wrote one sentence so far and I can tell it’s going to be annoying but I’d do anything for allike of you guys. But before we go any further, because of my phones cursed autocorrect, I want to apologise for any grammar mistakes because spelling errors drive me insane and I know some of you might be the same. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

We’ve just left our home and are on our way to Dublin airport. It’s going to take us four hours but I slept all day so I’ll probably be awake all night. It’s eerily dark and I’m the only one awake on the bus at the moment. Well, the driver is too. If he wasn’t then… okay yeah that’d be quite unfortunate. Anyway, there is an ominous black sky above us and all I can hear is the sound of the engine. It’s really creeping me out.

It was so hard saying goodbye to Mike and my sister. We all ended up crying. Mum and me gave everyone a massive hug. I cried for a while as we got on the bus. Only silently though, hoping no one would notice me in the dark. Then out of nowhere ingot the giggles. Welcome to my life! As some of you may know, I hate anything to do with flying. I hate not having control over anything and just having to sit there hoping to god there isn’t a bird strike or a failing engines. Typical old me. I’m sitting across from my mum. I got my own seat! My mum is fast asleep too. Am I the only one who came up with a genius plan to stay up until five a.m. in the morning, sleep all day in order to stay up all night? Well, maybe it wasn’t such a genius plan because I was cranky all day. Oh well.

We’ve stopped at a toll bridge and I’ve never been through one on a bus. Except, the bus has stopped here for the last five minutes. I miss my family already. Hello if you’re reading this. Best family ever <3. I’m going to browse the Internet for writing competitions for a while. I’ll update you all later on. Bye for now!



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Aoibha Walsh

I'm a girl with a passion for reading and writing and going on all sorts of treks and adventures.

One thought on “01:16”

  1. Have a wonderful vacation in Canada, Aoibha. And thank you so much for the giggles…I chuckled at the thing about autocorrect (agree!) and laughed out loud at the bus driver being the only other one awake….I see you already growing in your writing skills! ❤


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