That’s My Girl

“Night dad,” Aria called from upstairs. It was eleven o’clock on a normal Saturday night. “Night kiddo!” He called back. As she climbed into bed she reached for her laptop and turned on Netflix, starting season two of breaking bad. The aroma of the infused lavender oil filled her room, leaving her feel sleepy after half an hour. She flicked the switch of her bedside lamp and powered off her laptop. She could still hear the television playing downstairs. Her dad was watching sons of anarchy. The usual Saturday night binge.

Aria was in a peaceful deep sleep, barely moving at all. It was hard to even tell if she was breathing. That didn’t last long. She heard the front door opening and presumed it was her dad retrieving something from the car. She waited a few minutes only to hear a scream. Aria was frozen to the spot. Her dad never screamed. Never. “Where is she?” She heard. It sounded like an old man’s voice. She then figured that they may have been looking for her. Her mother had left many years ago. Aria was the only she in the house. She had to act fast. She tiptoed into her closet and threw clothes over her to disguise her in case. Footsteps were heard coming up the stairs. Aria was sweating at this stage. She could hear her dads muffled screams and realised they must have put a gag in his mouth. They were a lot deeper, as if he was trying to say something. “I know you’re in here little girl,” said the high pitched voice of a young man. She fumbled quietly for something, anything in her closet. She found a scarf and stared at it long and hard. She picked up the courage and leaped out of the closet and jumped onto the man’s back, throwing the scarf around his neck and pulling on it, choking him. Aria then figured out he was armed. He aimed his silver handgun at her and fired. Her fast reflexes allowed her to catch hold of the gun and face it upwards, leaving a hole in the ceiling. They both choked on the dust raining down on them. Aria kneed him in the stomach and hit him in the throat. The one place she knew would only knock him out for a short amount of time. She then stuffed him in her closet fetching her Hurley and putting it through the handles in the door so he wouldn’t be able to get out for a while until he figured out what was jamming the door. Before she did that, she took his handgun quickly and raced downstairs. The sitting room door was made out of glass, so she stood beside it and looked in as far as she dared. She could see her dad, his hands tied behind his back with rope and as she predicted earlier, a gag in his mouth. She held her hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming for help. There was a man in front of him. He was quite tall, but he had a mask over his face, so she couldn’t make out his features but he definitely had a masculine body. He pulled a gun from his belt and held it at the side of her dad’s head. He was about to pull the trigger before Aria flung the door open and pulled her guns trigger at him. The bullet hit him in the mid section of his torso. He doubled over, screaming all words under the sun. Aria ran to her dad. “Dad, Dad! Are you alright?” She shouted. He nodded in shock. She examined him only to find his legs were also tied together. “I’ll be right back dad!,” she said. She kicked the man in the stomach once again while she ran to retrieve a knife from the kitchen. Aria ran back into her dad and began cutting the rope. When he was free, he pulled out the gag and hugged his daughter. “Aria, you just saved my life,” he said smiling at her. It was a nervous smile. His eyes were still wide with shock. “It’s not over yet dad. It’s not over until we get out of this house and get down to the police station,” with that, they ran out of the house.

As Aria’s dad was driving, he began to feel dizzy. “Dad, let me take over,” she said. “Aria, are you crazy? You’re twelve for gods sakes!” “I’m well aware dad but some twelve year olds know more than you think sometimes.” Her dad had no choice but to pull over and stop the car. Aria walked over to the driver’s seat. Aria was against smoking but her dad needed to calm down. She left him have one cigarette. As he sat down in the passenger seat, Aria put her hand on the door to close it. It was wet. It hadn’t rained in four days but the car was wet. Gas. The people that tried to kill them had poured gas all over the car. “DAD! DON’T LIGHT THE-” too late. Aria jumped out of the car. And sprinted around the other side to get her dad. She opened the door quickly and pulled him out. He was unconscious and bleeding from several different places. She found her dad’s phone poking out of the pocket in his jeans. She instantly called the emergency number. “911, what is your emergency?” Asked the dispatcher. “We’ve had people in our house trying to kill us and as we tried to escape, our car blew up. Can you send help please?! My father is unconscious and he isn’t responding!” “I have tracked your phones location and help is on its way. Can you listen to see if your father is breathing please?” Aria did just that. She followed the dispatchers instructions and listened to everything they had to say.

Paramedics, an ambulance and the fire brigade came upon the scene half an hour later. The Paramedics put Aria’s dad on to a splint and carried him into the ambulance. Aria came with him while the brigade fought with the fire from their car which was now not much more than debris. Aria’s dad regained consciousness at the hospital after medical procedures and CPR. The police were investigating the scene at their house and arrested the two men responsible. Even after further questioning, the men did not give reason for wanting Aria. They were sentenced for twenty-five years for attempted murder. “Who knew that my amazing daughter would one day save my butt?” Asked Aria’s dad. “I’m full of surprises daddy,” she smiled. “That’s my girl!” They both laughed. If you look hard enough beyond a storm, there’s always a rainbow.



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Aoibha Walsh

I'm a girl with a passion for reading and writing and going on all sorts of treks and adventures.

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