Only Six More Hours!

I don’t think the day has ever gone so slow. Perhaps it has and I just haven’t realised. We’re leaving for the airport at twelve o’clock tonight. We’re getting the air coach from Cork. Our flight is at eight a.m. in the morning but we have to check in at five a.m. I don’t do well with flying and usually end up panicking terribly before boarding the plane. I’m a real nervous wreck when it comes to flying but overall, I cannot wait to go over to Canada. Even though the flight is twenty-four hours. Oh well.

We’re planning to see the beautiful Lake Louise in Banff which has inspired me for an upcoming short story for my blog too. I cannot wait to see my brother, Adam again. Its only been six months since he emigrated but it feels like much more.

At the moment, Edmonton is a bit cold… they’re in the minuses as for as I know. My mum isn’t really looking forward to the snow but I know that I am. (Snow is every kids dream and every adults worst nightmare… sometimes :)). We’re also planning to go up the rocky mountains. I’ll be sure to post some pictures up.

I know this was only a short blog entry but I need to go and pack more stuff and weigh the suitcases with my mum. Its going to be so much fun! Thanks for reading! Bye for now!
~AoibhWalsh2017 🙂


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Aoibha Walsh

I'm a girl with a passion for reading and writing and going on all sorts of treks and adventures.

2 thoughts on “Only Six More Hours!”

  1. Have fun in Canada, Aoibha! Start that story you mentioned to me– or maybe more accurately, edit and revise it — while on the plane….that should take your mind off flying and also make the trip go by more quickly. Safe travels!


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