Daily Writing Prompt: Denial

via Daily Prompt: Denial

She sat at her desk, trying to enclose the sudden outburst of giggles

Each one of her friend looking her way,

trying to conceal it themselves

Deny it, Deny it She repeatedly said to herself

Yet no amount of denial could control her

She laughed out loud, as everyone joined in

The teacher too,

The world around her began to spin.


A quick insight to my sudden outbursts of giggles in class. The weirdest things trigger them and once I start I can never stop yet I try to kill them off before they get out. What happens then is usually my face goes red and I laugh my head off. It’s quite comical sometimes!

~Aoibha xx



Published by

Aoibha Walsh

I'm a girl with a passion for reading and writing and going on all sorts of treks and adventures.

9 thoughts on “Daily Writing Prompt: Denial”

      1. …Or a funeral, or at church (during sermon) or at the movies-unless it’s a comedy! Lol Have a greay day, sweet Aoibha 😃


  1. Oh, this post brings back SO many memories, Aoibha! I can completely relate to what you’re saying as that happened to me many many times. Sometimes in church too, that was the worst! LOL And I remember bursting out laughing so hard that, like you, I got dizzy. And you are so right – once it breaks out, there’s no pulling it back. Great post, my little friend!!


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