Daily Prompt: Champion

Struggling from behind, no breath to move forward

She ran with all her might

Afraid to lose the chance of winning the golden award

She felt like she was being pulled down, like she was armoured


She wasn’t leaving the weeks of training all go down the drain,

No, she was going to get up, sunshine or rain

Her legs almost buckled and almost went from underneath her

Yet she told herself that no one could be a leader.


Her positive attitude helped her strive for the finish line,

with a record of five hours in time

The marathon was over, she was in for the win

The girl laughed, with an almighty grin


For she was a champion, not afraid to lead the world

Just an ordinary little girl

She ran it for charity, doing it for all sanity

Like any champion would do for all clarity.


I wrote this as I thought about a new marathon coming up called “Darkness into Light”. I thought of all the runners who run it every year and how the one leader must feel. I’m definitely going to run it this year. Win or lose, it’s all about taking part and that’s how a champion is made :). I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think in the comments. Bye for now!

~Aoibha xx


Published by

Aoibha Walsh

I'm a girl with a passion for reading and writing and going on all sorts of treks and adventures.

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