Studying & Revising

Whatever the hell is up with me, I’ve been studying for the past week for a major test coming up on Thursday and my brain is deciding to not soak up a tiny bit of information. Especially on the European Union. I’ve tried listening to music, taking notes, going outside for a fifteen minute break, cycling on my bike, you name it.

The alright thing is, I remember some of the main points like the richest country in Europe, highest mountain range, longest river, main EU countries etc. I may be cramming more than I’m actually supposed to into my brain. I’m not sure. If you know me personally, I’m really hard going when it comes to tests and revising. I probably wouldn’t leave the house for a week prior.

I’m not totally disembarking myself from everyone while studying and testing. I always make sure to stay active with my friends and family and of course, take the time to blog on here to talk to all of you amazing people.

With two more days until the test begins, I’m studying for about five-six hours a day. I’m doing it instead of reading at night, avoiding staying up too late as I know that the people that do this actually end up forgetting everything they went over that night or in the early hours of that morning. That’s the last thing on my mind. It’s only one test out of many more to come but I cannot help being stressed out over it. It’s quite comical sometimes. I’m practically laughing my head off while typing this thinking of the extremes I go to for my grades. Hopefully it will all pay off in the end! Bye for now!

~Aoibha xx


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Aoibha Walsh

I'm a girl with a passion for reading and writing and going on all sorts of treks and adventures.

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