Hooves Hitting The Sand

The thundering sound of the hooves hitting the sand,

Rising up and covering my hands

The thrill and rush causes me to brush

All of my worries to the western side.


Nothing compares, no worries no wears

To the draft overwhelming right now

This is a source of freedom

Where the horses are born to run


Across the desert, climbing the dunes

The unpredictable way to spend an afternoon

Soaring through the air, It feels like flying

Right here right now, no chance of denying


The ride is over, I ground myself on Earth

Dismounting, my feet touch the hard rock dirt

I can come to this place at any time

Knowing this, I begin to chime.


I wrote this while thinking about the first time I was galloping on a horse along a beach. I felt I had to write something about it so the words began to flow out and I wrote this. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m not the best poet. Probably my first attempt to even write a poem! Thanks for reading. See you soon!

~Aoibha xx



Published by

Aoibha Walsh

I'm a girl with a passion for reading and writing and going on all sorts of treks and adventures.

6 thoughts on “Hooves Hitting The Sand”

  1. My human and I think you actually are a poet, Aoibha. You have “near rhymes” and even inner rhymes in there, whether you realize it or not, and that is very cool. And very poetic, so good job! And we felt as if we were riding that horse right along with you, so you evoked a feeling, and that’s what good writers need to do. Great job!


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