Bacon The Pig Goes To The Club

After sitting on the stool for quite a while, sipping on lemonade I thought of something to do for the rest of the evening. I thank the bar manager and get on my way to a tourist post. It had all the main tourist attractions. The first one on it really caught my eye. Club Crispy. My evening instantly began to plan itself out on its own.

I apply some sunscreen as my pink skin is beginning to get a little bit burned. Can’t complain. how bad is it to get a tan? I get on my way, putting my shades on. You have to look cool to go to a club. I walk along the promenade. Lots of other pigs seem to be heading my way too.

As I near the club, I can hear the music blaring from the outside. My favourite pig rave song was playing. ‘Yeah’ by Usher. I spy quite a cute lady pig in the line before me. The manager checks my ID and lets me in. The bass of the music pumps through my body. I start head banging and stand up on my two hind legs and wave my hands in the air as I enter. I buy some more lemonade off the bartender trying to pretend it’s champagne. Have to say, lemonade is a lot nicer. I start dancing with the others, having the time of my life. “Attention all pigs! We need a dancer!” Yelled a voice from the stage at the front of the club. I instantly volunteer myself. I have some pretty awesome moves. “Do you have any history in dancing?” asked the head pig. “For shizzle man!” I say, trying to sound cool. The head pig nods his head and asks me my name. “Chris P. Bacon,” I say. “Bacon for short man.” He nods again, seeming impressed by my attitude. This is how I roll! “Dancing for us tonight, we have Bacon!” he announces. “Ayyyyy!” the crowd screams.

I gather myself together and throw my shades into the crowd. I begin breakdancing. I spin around on my head and start popping. I never danced so well in my life. When I finish, the crowd start cheering and I take a bow. I see the lovely pig that I saw earlier in the crowd. I fall off the stage but get back up and say, “How was that for acting?” They all burst into hysterics. I brush it off. It’s cool man. I make my way over to the pig and say hello. Its hard to tell if a pig blushes as we’re pink enough anyway. “Hello!” she screamed over the music. “You’ve some moves!” I know I do! “Well, I do don’t I?!”

The club was very fun, especially when I got to go dancing. I can pop some moves. But anyway, that’s how I met this lovely piggy. We go to a café afterwards! I’ll tell you all about it soon!

Your favourite pig,

Bacon 🙂


(I do not own the picture above :P)

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