Her Fortune

‘The luck of the Irish’ they called it, more commonly known as fortune. Sabrina Oak never knew what fortune was about, nor where it came from. Sabrina lived in an orphanage with twelve other girls who she knew very well. They were all like sisters. It was never clear what hap happened to her parents. It was like they had vanished into thin air. Her imagination often ran riot as she wondered. Had they run away? Had they been kidnapped? She often wondered if they ever thought about her, like she did about them.

The head of the orphanage, Orla Black, organised a trip for all of the girls. It was not often they went on one and were obviously delighted. They were going to an amusement park. The shrieks of excitement from the children echoed through the room. They were leaving early the next morning. The children went to their beds at night, some talking and gossiping, some reading quietly. Sabrina preferred reading to talking. She was a quiet little girl. She always was. The clock struck eleven o’clock night time. Orla came into the room with a radiant smile. “Lights out girls, we’re going to have a big day tomorrow!” They all giggled in excitement. “Shush! Whoever is next to talk isn’t going with us in the morning!” Everyone suddenly went quiet. When Orla left the room, they all gasped with relief. Sabrina was still reading. She couldn’t put it down. “Are you looking forward to tomorrow, Sabrina?” Asked Macy, one of her closest friends. “I guess. It’s going to be fun. Are you?” She replied. Macy nodded excitedly. Sabrina finally put her book down on the bedside locker. “Night guys!” She called. “Goodnight!” They sang back in unison.

Sabrina dreamt of lying down on a beautiful sandy beach on a sunny island. The sand was almost white and was like silk to touch. There were beautiful palm trees everywhere. Beside her were her mum and dad. Her mum was plaiting her hair and her dad was laughing at a joke her mum had cracked.

“Rise and shine girls! You have exactly forty-five minutes to get ready. Better get a move on,” said Orla. Sabrina glanced at the clock above the wall at the end of the room. It was quarter past nine. She leaped out of bed along with the other girls. She put on a t-shirt with a wolf with blue eyes on it and black leggings. She put on blue shoes and plaited her hair like she saw her mum do to her in the dream.

They arrived at the amusement park at eleven o’clock. They were driven there by bus of which they had a lot of sing-songs on. Orla bought the tickets off the lady for us. We got an express ticket to go on the rides straight away instead of queuing for hours.

It was then when she saw them. Sabrina was looking at a couple queuing for tickets at a ticket-box by a rollercoaster. Macey saw them too and was as speechless as Sabrina was. As they turned around, they also seen her. They were frozen to the spot. All of the girls knew who it was. Orla included. “Mom! Dad!” She screamed as she finally warmed up again and ran to her parents. “Sabrina?” They both said simultaneously. They embraced her in a hug, throwing her into the air with the brightest smiles on earth. “Where were you all this time? Why did you give me up?!” She blurted. She had so many questions. “Oh darling, we never gave you up! You were taken from us as a baby. We never stopped looking for you! Where were you all this time?!” they said back. “I’ve lived my whole life in an orphanage with the most amazing people ever. They were like family to me,” Sabrina beamed. “Sounds amazing honey! You must introduce us. I can’t wait to catch up with all of the adventures you’ve been on! Oh, we’ve missed you so much!” Her mother said, tears of joy streaming down her face. Her mother and father hugged her closer.

Fortune isn’t all about money. Yet metaphorically, you can ‘win the lotto of life’ and win what you have dreamt of. In Sabrina’s case, she found her parents.


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