Bailey the rascal!

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a bit about my dog, Bailey. Bailey is a one year old Cava-Tzu dog. He lives indoors with all of us. I’m in the middle of writing a book about Bailey and his adventures with a girl dog-friend. He’s been sneaking out lately and I’m trying to find out why. Anyway, Bailey loves his walks and his runs. We usually walk by the waters edge which is frequent enough actually. If we’re not there, we’re usually at the local strand. He’d be running around off-leash like a lunatic while I’d be sitting down on a stone jotting down ideas in my notepad for future books. We’re both very different when it comes to walks.

Bailey has been with us for only six months but he plays a big part in my life. He’s an amazing runner and jumper and I cannot wait to share our ideas and stories with you guys! Neither can Bailey as long as I up his allowance of food that is. See you again soon!

~Aoibha and Bailey xx


Nature’s Fairytale

She drapes her feet across the land,

Her hair as golden as the sun,

The trees awake to the touch of her hands,

The blades of grass shone.


She watches as life awakens again,

Winter moving on,

It’s time for nature to expect again,

Another era of the newfound mom.


Life thanked her for breathing new breath,

The birds praised their chance to sing,

Their majestic sounds,

The fox and the hounds,

Owed their thanks to her,

For she was the, Spring.


I wrote this as a reflection on a few memories. I’ve always loved Spring as it is the time when animals and natural wildlife can return to us instead of hiding and sleeping, alone and cold during the Winter. I’ve always thought of the seasons as people with different personalities. Spring to me has always been a peaceful woman. I really hope you enjoy this poem and I’d love if you could let me know what you think! Bye for now!



For a few months uve been unable to get my blog working and it’s been driving me crazy but now that I’ve had the time I’ve finally got this baby up and running once again.

I’m writing this entry in hospital with suspected appendicitis and a 70% chance of surgery tomorrow. Unless it decides to have a little fun and burst overnight but I’m definitely hoping that won’t happen.

A lot has happened over the last few months which I will go into depth with in another post but for now it’s lights out for me and a hello to everyone once again!!!



Hey Everyone!

Summer went by all too fast. I’m back at school at the moment and I have got to be honest, it’s not at all as bad as I thought.

I bought three books today. They look amazing but I keep forgetting the fact that I still have 23 to read. They will be read but… just when I’m in the mood for the genre that they are specified in. I’m trying contemporary at the moment. I really, really like it. I’ve been reading historical-fiction, sci-fi, and just pure fiction for years now and I began determined to try something new.

At the moment, I am reading, “Everything, Everything.” A novel about an eighteen year-old girl who has SCID, a disease that makes someone practically allergic to everything. The food she eats, certain types of clothes, the air, the grass – basically she never leaves her home. It’s an amazing book so far and I can tell now, even though I’m just sixty pages in, its going to be a book of which I remember for a good long time.

Anyways, I better go now. Enjoy the rest of your day/afternoon!

Bye for now!


Here, There & Everywhere :D

Constantly writing, really wanting to travel, starting a vlog and trying to keep my blog active isn’t really going as well as I thought it would lately but that’s alright. We’ll get through this! I’ve been doing nothing but watching Netflix, Dancing and tennis for the last two weeks but anyways, it’s better than nothing. I’ve been picking up a few challenges to set for myself here and there and its going really well. The other night I successfully finished the twenty-four hour reading challenge of which you set a goal to try read as many books as you can in that amount of time. I finished four books with three to five-hundred pages each. And no, I did not stay up all night reading. :D.

I’ve also been following Conor Mc.Gregor’s training etc. for his upcoming fight in August against Floyd Mayweather jr. I hope Conor wins.

Other than that, I’ve not been up to much lately. I went to Killarney for a weekend with my family. It was really good and the weather was outstanding!

Spike, my lizard is now on my shoulder looking at his reflection in the mirror before us. I’m seriously beginning to think he’s checking himself out. I’ll leave him off, he’s only young (just saying that to keep him happy, shh :))

But yeah, have a great week everyone! I’ll see you soon :). Bye for now!

~AoibhaWalsh2017 x



First things first, I am so, so sorry for not being active lately. It has been one hell of a month due to school projects, assignments, homework and everything to do with that. So get your snacks, or something to eat because I have a feeling that this may be a long post!

Lots of things have changed but I’m going to put the bad news first and build up to the good. (Its better that way x). Unfortunately, my little dog, Bailey had to be sold for numerous reasons. Honestly, I’m not sure of half of them as I spend half of my time in my room writing and editing short and long stories. I have to say, its been a month and I miss him so much. He was such an amazing little dog and he’ll be hard to forget.

My birthday was on the first of June and I had an amazing day. When in my old school last year, I never got any birthday cards from friends. My birthday last year was pretty much just like a normal day until I got home to my family. Things got bad this year so I had to change school and I am so happy in the one I’m in. I have made some life-long friends and thank god, my grades have risen again. I got about 20-25 birthday cards this year off my classmates. After school, we all walked down to the local cafeteria. Hilariously, it was also the café’s birthday too. We all got really nice food and laughed and joked for a while before we went home again.

Late that night, we went to an extremely fancy restaurant and had some really nice food. I ordered chicken wings for starters and a dish called beef chow-mein for main course. It was a Chinese dish and it was so nice. It was one of the best birthdays I have had yet.

About a week ago, I began writing a book about a supernatural ordeal and I have seven chapters done with about twenty pages fulfilled. I’m really happy with it and I can’t wait to see what it turns out like in the end.

I fell in school about four days ago and had to be taken to hospital straight away. I had hurt my wrist and it was about thrice the size of my left hand. Looking back at pictures of it now, it was quite funny. I had an x-ray done and they couldn’t see if there was any damage done but they said I may have broken my scaffoid bone. (a bone in the centre of your wrist :)).They said it may take ten days to show on the x-ray so I’m now stuck in a sling and a cast thing on my arm. It hurts like hell.

On Sunday, I fell off my bunk-bed (I’m a walking disaster :)) and my phone came tumbling off with me causing it to break. I cried for about an hour until I realised I had a load of money saved up in my room. I bought a new phone on Monday. Its a Samsung Galaxy J5 and the pictures it takes are utterly amazing!

That brings us up to today. My four year old, baby sis, Lilly has graduated from pre-school. They had a small concert and my mother, along with everyone else there (that’s including me too) was crying. They were just too cute!

I also have a bit of news that was just before my birthday and I am so happy and proud about but I had to save this until last!

I got one of my books published! Thanks to the help of my family and to two of the amazing people who helped me! Andrew Joyce and Emily Gmitter. I couldn’t have done it without all of you guys. You were all such an amazing help!

My book is called, Pegasus Rewritten and it is available on paperback and kindle on amazon! If you ever buy it, I would absolutely love if you could write a review on it! Thanks so much.

Once again, I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing in a while. I’ll make it top priority to write once a week from now on! Bye for now!


Departures And Arrivals

We’re in Edmonton airport now. Our last few hours of Canada have arrived and even though I’ve barely left, I miss it already. I’ve set a new goal to get writing more after I wrote a big story based on Lake Louise here and I’ll post it shortly. I promise. 

Yesterday was amazing. We did some many fun and amazing things for our last proper day. We went to West edmonton mall for the last time. I got an amazing baby pink leather jacket in forever 21. I also got a really cool oilers t-shirt. The oilers are the edmonton ice hockey team. They’re the best! Funny enough, I didn’t even know what ice hockey was before I came here! 

Me and my mum met up with an amazingly good friend of ours, Renee. She’s so amazing, kind and nice. We went to galaxyland with her. An amusement park in the mall. I have a video of the two of us on the rollercoaster but I kind of screamed and shouted the whole way down and around so it may burst your eardrums. If I can block out the other noise and put music on it; I’ll be sure to upload it. It’s hilarious! 

I then got stuck on a ride and got stuck upside down for a while. It was so funny. I’ve never been to galaxyland before that but it was awesome. I hope we get to go back there sometime.

When we got home, we all sat down and talked for a while. Here’s a picture we took! We took loads more but because of the airport wifi, they’re being stubborn to upload. I’ll put them all up later for you guys!

I miss this place already and have also made so much memories here. I hope we can one day come back here. Love all of you guys! Bye for now!


The Town Of Jasper 

Hey guys! We’ve been travelling in our car for twelve hours from Banff to the beautiful town on Jasper. I have got some amazing pictures of the scenery and wait until you see the last ones! You’re in for a surprise!

Yes! We got to see a bear and we literally had four seasons in one day as you can see in the pictures above! Seeing the bear was the highlight of this vacation. We were about ten feet away from it. It really was awesome! We spent about twelve hours travelling in the car. We were driving from Banff, took a wrong turn (satellite navigator went a bit cuckoo) and nearly ended up in Washington. Doesn’t that sound fun? It wasn’t at the time but it is now!!! Anyways, we got to jasper and it was a beautiful town full of lovely people. It had a lovely atmosphere and the prices of stuff there were reasonable. It was well worth the drive. I hope we get to come here again. I really love it. 

Thanks so much for reading this! Enjoy the rest of your day or evening! Good morning or sweet dreams! Bye for now 💙.